Monday, August 29, 2011


Fashion conversations are often considered shallow, models viewed as dumb, reading a textbook or the newspapers is considered intelligent and reading a fashion glossy is not, by some.
Many times, when the word fashion is mentioned, it conjures up an image of clothing-trends especially, but it is so much more than that. Fashion goes beyond clothing, it is general appearance, a way of living, behavior or manner of doing things and even an expression of who we are which reminds me of the saying…”Dress as you want to be addressed”. Makeover shows fix more than bad style, there is a shift in looks and confidence of the people who undergo style transformations. Fashion is style, and style is like opinions, everybody has one. Some just haven’t figured out theirs or are too busy copying another’s. Find yours. Own your opinion, own your style!

During a conversation, everyone or at least most people have and share their opinions and some of those opinions are considered lame (judgmental huh?), so style is judged, when it is lame. When you act and dress in a lame fashion, expect criticism. You might say I don’t care a bit about what they think or say. Well, you better do because God sees the heart, but man/woman sees the outward appearance which begs for us to consider how we look. How do I know and choose a ripe orange? Certainly by the yellow color and how ripe it looks from the outside.

Fashion deals with image and this image business is a serious one. Some people even consider it everything, so start thinking it so. The image business sells, big time! Fashion is a people business and it involves everyone. That is why a doctor dresses differently from a lawyer, from an engineer, from a fashion designer, from an athlete, from a chef and so on and so forth. Even the change from childhood to adulthood; immaturity to maturity shows in what we choose to wear and how we wear it.
Recently, United Airlines enlisted the help of fashion designer Cynthia Rowley to makeover their employees uniform because they want a modern, consistent look for employees, as well as improve how they feel with increased functionality in design and more breathable and durable fabrics.

Just consider how many fashion jobs are launched everyday; clothing and accessory designers, fabric makers, theatrical dressers, buyers and retailers, show organizers, models who show off the clothes and journalists who dictate trends and what’s in style by the articles and photographs they run.
The price of fashion glossies/magazines have skyrocketed in recent years, different and new ones keep coming out every day and there is still a massive patronage of them. Go figure!

How about how much movies like Sex and the City, September Issue, Devil Wears Prada etc. sell? Elizabethan movies shot today won’t be without the corsets and all dressings from the age portrayed; Futuristic movies like Star Trek won’t be anything without the costumes. That is why movies need costume designers; to tell a story, to dress the character. Who can forget Audrey Hepburn’s costumes in Breakfast at Tiffany’s; it was recently voted the most stylish movie of all time.

Ever wondered why a less intelligent person got a job which a more intelligent person should have gotten? Sometimes it is because of the get-up they have going (under-dressed or overdressed). Being a bookworm is not enough. Your dress sense matters a lot, its is contributing factor. Don’t expect to be taken seriously if and when you show up in mismatched dressing (except the other party(s) is as clueless as you are which the case is not always). Dress the part you are applying for.

Personality is often revealed by what a person wears. Fashion is a driving force whether you see it that way or not. Before we open our mouths to speak, the onlooker sums us up by what we are wearing; even a person’s confidence and/or insecurities can be perceived by what they wear. To have style, you don’t have to be clad in all the trends at the moment (I suggest you buy timeless pieces) or in top designers, having and owning a style just means you put some thought into what you wear and how you wear it.
Put very well together whatever you own and carry it off with confidence.

Go on and own your style!


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