Thursday, September 1, 2011

COLOR BLOCKING: How to pull it off.

Color-Blocking is one of the season’s hottest trends and one of the trickiest to pull off. The appeal is obvious: Vivid drapes of color paired together in separates or on the same garment create a striking look with a ton of visual interest. Pulling off this look? Not quite as obvious. Wearing more than two bold colors in an outfit is very hard to pull off style especially if you didn't buy the outfit from Deola Sagoe or Jewel by Lisa. Wearing it in a wrong way can instantly take your style from trendy and fashionable to tacky and wacky. It’s a little tricky but the extra effort is worth it. There are multiple ways to wear this trend and simple tricks to pull it off.

The first rule is to add nude and neutrals to your outfit. A key to making it work is to pick structured, polished or simple pieces and keep your accessories to a minimum. Another trick in choosing the color-block trend is to choose opposite sides of the color-wheel, this way, it can’t fail and you can be sure of mixing and matching stylishly.

Take the guesswork out of figuring out which colors work best together by looking to the designers who have masterfully created the color-block look. Wear blended shades like fuchsia and coral, curry and cocoa or tonal blues like cobalt and emerald.

Go a step outside the style-box and don’t be afraid to mix colors like red and pink or yellow and purple. Just be sure to pick classic silhouettes. In this case, leopard print is a perfect neutral to add – use it as an accent in your footwear or handbag.

I would suggest wearing two bold colors in an outfit only. However, introducing a third (or more) color is risqué but very workable like adding a pretty pink jacket or cardigan to cobalt and emerald will help tie everything together.

Your colors don’t have to clash: Pick two or three shades in the same color family, then add a contrasting pop of color in your purse or shoe. Play around with pieces in your closet until you achieve the right look. If you’re not ready or comfortable to go out in bold colors that turn heads, you can wear bold colored clutches, and shoes.

Go on and own your style!

                                                   Miss Julz rocking the "Color Block" Trend


  1. It's amazing how fashion evolves. Now, color blocking is HOT. In the past, it was called color riot. Shout out to all the people who rocked this look before it became the trend.

  2. @Anwuli: lol at color riot. Oh so true.


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