Friday, September 30, 2011

FASHIONISTA ALERT: Trends of the moment.

Edgy cut outs, lace, girly full skirts and yellow – are all the rave at the moment. So make room in your wardrobe for these stylish trends.
If you invest in quality pieces you may just be wearing them past this season. Depending on your signature style and age, there is something for everyone.

Go on and own your style!

Cut-outs – My personal fave of the season. Up your style ante in these edgy cut-outs.

Yellow – Just find the shade that works well with your skin tone.

Lace – This is so not your grandmother’s lace. Invest in quality and timeless pieces.

Full swing skirts – From casual to sophisticated, the full swing skirt is key to achieving your signature look.

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  1. I've gone thru most of ur stuff...I don't see style options for guys. Is it just a lady's thing?


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