Thursday, September 22, 2011

STYLE STAPLES: Fashion essentials every fashionista should own.

Trends are fun, but rarely permanent. There are quite a few reasons to choose classics over trends. With the economy in such a sprawl and personal finances feeling tighter, purchasing classic pieces that will have lasting power in your wardrobe is a very smart move. Maybe you’re one who doesn’t like to follow the latest trends; you prefer instead to create your own, signature look. Doing this will require reliance on classic pieces. Most women with iconic style have a classic, signature look and rely heavily on classic fashion essentials.
Classic pieces are even important for trendsetters. Adding a touch of trendiness to something otherwise classic can transform your entire wardrobe. Think of classic pieces as foundation for your style and because they have lasting power and are such vital part of one’s wardrobe, it’s worth it to splurge and get quality pieces that will last as long as possible. But remember, quality doesn’t always mean expensive. These 12 classic pieces are essential and can be a foundation for your signature style.

  1. Little Black Dress: I don’t think we’ll ever have a year where the Little Black Dress is out’. The essence of the LBD can never be over-emphasized. It’s been a classic and will always be. It’s definitely something you need to have in your closet. Whatever your signature style is, it’s versatile and perfect for a cocktail party, a night on the town or a dressy, formal event.

  1. Cardigan: The classic cardigan is a great piece to wear with whatever is trendy each season. Its simple, basic style makes it versatile enough for whatever your style is - preppy, hipster, diva. Find one that’s simple, neutral and comfortable!

  1. Blazer: The blazer is such an iconic and classic piece; it appears in pretty much every fashion season. Blazers can be dressed up or down and are perfect when the weather calls for an extra layer.

  1. Pencil skirt: Like most of these classic pieces on this list, the pencil skirt is versatile enough for work, a night out or a dressy event. It’s all about what you pair it with.

  1. Leather tote: The feminine version of the briefcase, the leather tote is the perfect day to day handbag. Choose one large enough to hold your style arsenal. From your laptop to your makeup bag to even your clutch for an easy switch from day to night.

  1. Basic stilettos: Classic stilettos, especially if they’re black, can be worn with almost anything. Characterized by their pointy toe and stiletto heel, these shoes are a must-have in your wardrobe.

  1.  Trench coat: The Trench Coat is a classic and instantly makes you stand out whether worn alone or over a dress. It’s warm, functional and sophisticated.

  1. Clutch: The clutch is the ultimate ‘after hours’ bag. To make sure your clutch has some lasting power, go for one that’s simple and more classic. Choose a neutral color and few embellishments.

  1. Sunglasses: Sunglasses shade your eye from the sun, reduce wrinkles around the eye area and ups the ante on your style. These reasons are enough to own one.

  1. White shirt: A white shirt is never boring. It’s a basic essential and style staple in every wardrobe.

11.  Classic cut dress: A classic cut dress is great for work and play and can easily transform from day and night. Get one that works with or without a belt. Its usually a dress in plain color, prints and any texture.

12.   Pant Suit: Your answer to androgynous style. Whether you're presenting at a business meeting, or meeting friends for happy hour, a tailored, well-fitting pant suit is suitable for any occasion.


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