Thursday, November 3, 2011


Color Blocking is still trending. It is extraordinary and bold. If worn properly, this trend can be breathtaking, turn heads and radiate happiness – so many reasons to wear this trend.
Color Blocking Know-How: Don’t leave a color to stand alone. Go for maximum impact and combine strong, rich colors for luxurious dressing. Start this trend by experimenting with complimentary colors:
=> Choose colors with a similar tonal base – i.e. fuchsia & bright pink or bold orange & reds.
=> Break up blocks of daring color with neutral-toned accessories in cream, grey or even animal prints.
=> Introduce your second block color outside of your outfit with a clashing handbag.
=> For subtle simplicity, choose a simple colored shift with bright tights or heels.

Be color confident. Go on & own your style!


  1. I 'loves' this trend but being a black-grey-navy kinda person - I only like bright coloured shoes and bags, so for me it's mostly limited to shoes and bags. Occasionally though, I dare myself....

  2. @Martha: Bright colored shoes and bags are a great way to do the color-blocking trend especially if you have mixed feelings about dressing up in colored dresses. Way to go!


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