Friday, November 4, 2011

From Day to Night Style

The weekend is here again and it promises to be a long and fun one. With a few simple tips, mastering work to weekend style is an easy task.  For starters, pick one style item you really love. An item that’s easy to mix and match, it could be a dress or separates that’s versatile enough to be styled in a variety of ways. Buying a few different pieces that can be mixed together for different purposes, end up packing the most wardrobe punch, gives you a signature style and is economy smart.
Be inspired by the look below. Have a stylish weekend.

Go on & own your style.


  1. Love this ... you should put up plus size style tips.. we big girls need some love too lol.. nice one... love your tips on style

  2. Nice one IT. My forst time on your blog


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