Thursday, March 1, 2012

COLOR-BLOCKING TREND: Colors to try now!

Hello Fashionistas,

First, I apologize for not posting in a while. I’ve been suffering from Writer’s Block coupled with bad internet situation and paying attention to a lot of other commitments. Thank God I’m back, doing what I love best – writing style trends and styling tips.

The Color-Blocking trend is still very much around and not going away in a hurry. There are a lot more variety of ways to mix and match contrasting colors to get that vibrant and outstanding look you so crave. Whether it is mixing 2 or more colors, contrasting or in the same color family, Color-Blocking is a trend that’s worth trying and has something for every skin tone.

J. Crew recently released their catalog and in it are a lot of ways to do the Color-Blocking trend.

Be inspired.

Purple, Coral, Cobalt Blue & Turquoise
Cobalt Blue, Coral & Deep Yellow
Forest Green, Leaf Green, Navy Blue & Coral
Burnt Orange and Purple accessories give her pale outfit the right amount of color punch.
Cobalt Blue, Purple & Pink
Light Yellow, Mustard & Cobalt Blue
Cobalt Blue & Yellow
Green, Blue & Pink
Pink, Red, Green & Beige
Yellow, Mint Green & Lemon Green
Red, Pink & Green
Navy Blue & Brown;Coral & Army Green

Own your style!

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