Friday, April 13, 2012


If you are not one for super high heels, tight fitting and clingy stuff – you tend to wear comfort style; then SLOUCHY STYLE is for you. Something loose fitting with the fit barely caressing your curves and you can still be fancy while dressing up in relaxed, laid-back clothing.

How to wear: Silhouette is the first thing to consider about this look and because clothing is already loose-fitting and easy, pull all the stops with your accessories to avoid looking like a homeless person and a mess (if you really have to, choose to look like a HOT-MESS).
Pair with messy up-do, Slouch knit hats, bejeweled head-bands, Bib-necklaces, long necklaces, hand-bands, cock-tail rings, drop-earrings or nerdy glasses for effortless style.

Slouchy is the new sexy. Be inspired.

Own your style!

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