Monday, October 29, 2012

Buy Now, Love Forever

These style pieces are timeless and versatile. Owning them can help you organize your closet and signature style. They work very well when paired with a lot of other style pieces, depending on your mood and where you are dressing up or down to – making your style both effortless and economic smart.

Be inspired!
1. Black pencil skirt

2. Black tote

3. Collar necklace

4. Pointed ballet flats

5. Print dress

6. Textured clutch

7. Red trench dress

8. Red lipstick

9. Architectural ring

10. Graphic sweat shirt

Own your style!


  1. Oh, all great finds. I'm really liking the red coat and that beautiful print dress!

  2. 1,2,5,6 is perfect for me:)

    kisses from new follower via GFC ;)

  3. Gorgeous items ! love the pencil skirt !

    XX Luba

    Well Living Blog ::

  4. Ohh my goshhh!!! i really love all the stuffs.. love it <333

  5. LOVEEEE that prada bag!

    xo from nyc


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