Monday, January 7, 2013

FASHIONISTA ALERT: What to Wear in 2013

With the New Year comes new resolutions, the panorama of retuning, replaying, and renewing your style. Bezalel and Oholiab is giving you a heads-up on how to rework your old wardrobe and possibly get new ones.
Fashion is ever forward and so should you be, hence the need to be informed about the looks that will influence 2013, especially key style pieces to invest in and help you build your wardrobe around them. Here’s a preview of what will trend in 2013.

*Note: To be individual and original, feel free to wear them in the way that best represents your personality.

Be inspired! Have a great 2013!

Daywear and Workwear
Old school chic, power dressing, a renaissance of art and culture; 9-5 wear will borrow its vintage sentiments from the Mediterranean, lending a feminine softness to career wear that will also extend to daywear.

The key pieces predicted to shape 2013 are:

Belted Floral Dresses
2013 work wear staple will be feminine, cinched in shape and longer hem (think above the knee to midi length). Work-appropriate it may be, but we expect to see the ladylike belted floral dress worn for pretty much most occasion.

Collarless Blouses
Whether high-necked or plunging, soft collarless blouses replace stiff business shirts for a corporeal and delicate mood.

Peek-a-Boo Midriffs
Tastefully done – crop tops take center stage as a new trend to watch.
*Must have: Very well-toned abs to flaunt.

Sheer Bliss
Sheer panels help strike a careful balance of exposing a flash of skin that's seductive without revealing too much. Although this see-through number leaves little to the imagination, it's still chic enough for a more formal occasion.

Slash Neck Tees
T-shirts will not be typical. They get a luxe makeover in gentle fabrics and slash-neck cuts, depicting a subtle and soft-edge look.

The LWD - Little White Dress
An alternative to the LBD and never out of season – the LWD is a must have wardrobe staple, works for most occasions with endless ways to style it. Get futuristic and daring in cut-outs.

2013 Accessories
Super-fresh and statement-making, accessories in 2013 are the entire rave. From attention-grabbing shoes to baseball caps and everything in-between, here’s a preview of what will trend.

Baseball Cap
Sportswear maintains its influence into spring 2013, with baseball caps and trucker hats making a mark on the accessory trends.

Attention-grabbing Shoes
You may have to give your classic black pairs a rest as 2013 calls for more super-fresh, super-bright statement-making shoes. In 2013, most classic shoes have been reworked and they are back with a modern twist. Expect even basic black shoes and boots to come alive again but adapting with other trend details like metallic leather, clear plastic, cutaways and reptile skin.

Document Clutch
With new technology comes a change in fashion. Slim and sleek document clutches allow an ipad or small laptop to be carried in style, but also double as a chic accessory for day or night.

The Luxe Cuff
The new arm candy moves from solid metal to more embellished and luxurious takes. Chain details, color accents and jewel studding will make the cuff an accessory to love in 2013.

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Own your style!

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