Monday, February 11, 2013


Often times when I show some ladies pretty lingerie pieces they say, “Who will I wear that for? No boyfriend!”. Aha! You are guilty, aren’t you? You use this line too, don’t you? Well, as I say to my customers, you do not need a partner to feel sexy. Fall in love with yourself! I’m not saying be a narcissist; but while you’re single, date yourself. Just as a boyfriend/husband would buy you lingerie from time to time, do so for yourself too. Believe me; lingerie has a certain, je ne sais quoi.... Here are a few highlights:

Confidence From Within...

Sexy underwear sets like these give a certain kind of confidence. Whenever you remember that image in the mirror while you were dressing up, you just smile, and hold your head high. It’s like you have a secret with yourself. You’re on some sort of ‘high’, and even the world’s most annoying boss cannot get you pissed. 

All about the Legs...

 Even though hosieries were originally intended to keep the legs (and body) warm, they are also quite sexy. Bodystockings also have a certain appeal; and you can wear them to sleep on cold nights. 

Mysterious Girl...

Garter belts and suspenders are not very common here in Nigeria, but wearing a pair of thigh highs, with maybe a panty with suspenders, takes sexy to another level. Whether hanging out with your girls, or on a date with a guy you like, it just gets onlookers wondering, “where do those suspenders lead?”. Yea, I know – sexual; but, hellooo....

Vintage Chic...

I sometimes miss the era of layering - back in the day when women had layers of underwear. These days, no petticoats, corsets, or even slips. I believe every woman should have a corset and bustier – yes, there’s a difference. Corsets are mainly underwear, to cinch in the waist. Bustiers could be underwear or outer wear; they enhance the boobs. Even long line bras would do


This is a perfect cure for those nights when you feel like the world is against you. Actually, last Valentine’s Day, one of my girls’ boyfriend was out of town, so we planned a sleepover. We wore our sexy babydolls and watched Single Ladies, with a bottle of something, and all was well with the world.


On weekends when you have nowhere to go, you can laze around in sexy and comfy pieces as these. They aren’t risqué so you can even entertain guests in them.

My point is, life (as a single woman) is short, so enjoy every sexy bit of it. If you have a partner, knock them out. If you don’t, YOU CAN DO SEXY ALL BY YOURSELF. 

Stay beautiful!!


Martha Rrazi

Martha Rrazi is the founder of Dcradle Underwear
FunFact: Martha's fantasy job is to be a super hero; in reality, she is aspiring to be a lingerie mogul.

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  1. I love them all... But I'm a little above the "average" sized big breasted girl... Any chance I can get something that fits here? :$

    1. Of course you can. There's something for everyone :D

  2. Hello Goldiloocks.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting. All posts in Bezalel and Oholiab are intended to inspire regardless of size, color nor race.
    Please follow the link on Dcradle Underwear and/or reach them via the contact detail on the post, I'm sure they will have something perfect for your body type.

  3. Do you have girdles

    1. Yes. You can check for body shapers.

  4. I just checked the website, there are not enough sizes to select from. I tried ordering and there was no order size apart from 38.


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