Friday, April 11, 2014


Since Orange lips burst unto the scenes in Spring ’14 runways, I have been curious about this lip-color and especially because I am not such a huge fan of rocking bold lips other than Red lipsticks. So I decided to find a shade of orange that suits my skin tone. I found out that MAC has created a whole collection of this color and it’s called “All about Orange” with Neon Orange and Morange being the most popular shades. I also found an affordable and wearable version from the brand “Jordana” and the shade is called orange (If you live in Nigeria, look for it in departmental stores in the makeup aisle or prominent makeup stores, it shouldn’t be hard to find and it retails for N500 800).

An important tip to consider when buying orange lipstick is this: blue/red undertone tints are more suitable for dark skin tones and yellow/lighter undertones are best for light skin tones.

Secondly, you can wear it lightly for day and layer more at night for bold color.

Lastly, it's best paired with extremely light and barely-there eye makeup or at most, a clean winged-eye in black eyeliner. A heavy eye can risk you looking drag and clownish!

What do you think, is this a trend you’d try?

This weekend pucker up in Orange Lipstick.
Have a stylish one.

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  1. Going for it.....legggoooooo.....

  2. i'm going for it right now! leggoooooo

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